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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jan 6, 2017

As people ease out of their holidays, the province has already seen a new tax, a ruling about Alberta's largest homeschooling association and an MLA fined by the ethics commissioner. Join host Emma Graney with guests Stuart Thomson, Paula Simons and Graham Thomson, and special guest Janet French, to take a look back at the first week of 2017. Good stuff from the gallery Stuart's pick: A New York Times piece on the Afghan War and the evolution of Obama. Paula's pick: A fascinating read titled Nomads no more, about why Mongolian herders are turning their back on their traditional nomadic lifestyles and moving to the city. Emma's pick: This cute television series called Very British Problems about how the British make life awkward for themselves. Graham's pick: An article detailing how National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists didn't cook the books on climate change.