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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jan 27, 2017

The Progressive Conservative leadership race developed even more twists this week as Wildrose leader Brian Jean threw his weight behind a Jason Kenney plan to unite the right in Alberta politics. On the same day, one leadership hopeful, Stephen Khan, dropped out, and another, Richard Starke, announced a plan to work in a coalition with Wildrose to stamp out vote splitting. Join host Emma Graney who chats with guests Stuart Thomson, Paula Simons and Graham Thomson to discuss what that means for conservative politics in Alberta — and for the NDP. Good stuff from the gallery Stuart's pick: A New York Times article musing over whether Donald Trump will go after NAFTA with tweezers or a hammer. Paula's pick: Maclean's magazine takes readers inside the Costa Rican retreat of Manitoba’s premier. Emma's pick: This Maclean's piece on Ezra Levant, The Rebel’s unrepentant commander. Graham's pick: Shattered Mirror, a report on the state of media in Canada.