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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jul 14, 2017

Summer in Alberta means it's time for Calgary Stampede — and the government just can't seem to get enough of it. Join Press Gallery podcast host Emma Graney with guests Graham Thomson, Paula Simons and Janet French to talk about another week in Alberta politics, including why so many NDP MLAs are flipping pancakes and milking cows.  Speaking of sunshine, the province's sunshine list was updated recently, but the podcast team explains why it remains oh-so-very cloudy. Also, there ain't no sunshine when he's gone. And by "he" we mean B.C. premier-elect John Horgan. And by "gone" we mean he isn't coming to next week's Council of Federation in Edmonton. Good stuff from the gallery Graham's pick: This read in the New York magazine, The Uninhabitable Earth, which takes a look at what havoc climate change could wreak. Paula's pick: This Ideas episode about artificial intelligence, aired recently on CBC. Emma's pick: This piece in Rolling Stone about why an anti-pot congressman in the U.S. is sponsoring a bill to help scientists research the medical effects of marijuana.  Janet's pick: The amusing and informative Revisionist History podcast.  ** For all the links, head to