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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jul 21, 2017

As the clock ticks down to the vote that could unite Alberta's conservative parties, the Press Gallery team weighs in on the outcome (while safely hedging their bets, of course). Join host Emma Graney with guests Dave Breakenridge, Janet French and Graham Thomson as they talk unity, the million-dollar Progressive Conservative leadership race, and the outcome of this week's premiers' meeting in Edmonton. Good stuff from the gallery Dave's pick: Not far from home this week, Graham Thomson's look at unity and what it all means. Also, a belated recommendation of this wacky LA Times read called The secret life of USC med school dean. Janet's pick: This episode of the Radiolab podcast, called The Ceremony, about the steps a genius guy takes to try and invent a new cryptocurrency. Emma's pick: This heartbreaking and infuriating read from High Country News about a 16-year-old Alaskan teen who hunted a whale, and the internet fury he faced as a result.  Graham's pick: This analysis in The Atlantic, about Donald Trump's conversation with The New York Times.  ** For all the Good Stuff links, head to