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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Aug 18, 2017

After a week of controversies, the former United Conservative Party member for Strathmore-Brooks, Derek Fildebrandt, resigned from caucus Tuesday night, leaving him all by himself as an independent MLA. Join Press Gallery podcast host Emma Graney with guests Graham Thomson, Dave Breakenridge and Clare Clancy about what it means for the new party and the 31-year-old politician.  The team also takes a look at provincial drunk driving laws the government is taking its sweet time to change, despite the fact they have been ruled unconstitutional. Good stuff from the gallery Dave's pick: Getting yourself out to the Edmonton Fringe Festival.  Clare's pick: This Mother Jones piece taking in the fallout from Charlottesville, called We Just Feel Like We Don’t Belong Here Anymore. Emma's pick: This explainer in Time about Australia's political citizenship row, and this read from the Guardian about Australia's immigration-hating senator Pauline Hanson and her burka stunt this week.  Graham's pick: This tongue-in-cheek piece from The Atlantic about "big science" and the eclipse. ** For all the Good Stuff links, head to