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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Aug 28, 2017

Not the most original Press Gallery podcast title, we grant you, but it sure is fitting as the team takes a look at the United Conservative Party's looming $337,000 caucus deficit. Join host Emma Graney with guests Clare Clancy, Keith Gerein and Dave Breakenridge to talk about that deficit, and the far larger $10.5 billion one presented by the government this week in its first quarter financial report. Speaking of cash, the team also addresses the free — FREE! — concert tickets kd lang offered to Jason Kenney in return for a sit-down chat about LGBTQ rights. He turned them down. Good stuff from the gallery Clare's pick: This awesome episode of Radiolab, called Where the sun don't shine. Keith's pick: This National Post feature on Ezra Levant, his The Rebel media empire and the tough times it's facing. Emma's pick: This fascinating read on Politico about Colorado Springs and its experiment with Libertarianism. Dave's pick: This excellent read in Maclean's Magazine about the death of Edmonton MMA fighter Tim Hague. It's called: Boxing saved him. Then he killed a man in the ring.