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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Sep 1, 2017

Premier Rachel Notley has lost another chief of staff, this time back to British Columbia, from whence he came. Join the Press Gallery for a chat about John Heaney's departure as the team takes its weekly look back at Alberta politics. Host Emma Graney also chats with guests Janet French, Clare Clancy and Paula Simons about the lack of rules around United Conservative Party's leadership race and the giant whack of cash it's taking to run for the UCP crown.   Also, with Alberta students heading back to school, the team takes a look at what the government-mandated reduction of school fees means politically and for parents around the province.  Good stuff from the gallery Janet's pick: As Houston reels from the fallout of tropical storm Harvey, this piece in the Houston Chronicle about schools becoming sanctuaries for flood victims.  Clare's pick: This ESPN read about the chronic levels of brain disease among former professional footballers.  Emma's pick: In the wake of the story about McEwan University falling prey to an $11.8-million phishing scam this week, everyone should listen to this episode of the Reply All podcast about how it happens.  Paula's pick: This amusing read in The Atlantic about the bizarre spending habits of world leaders.