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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Sep 15, 2017

This week on the Press Gallery podcast, the team talks rules — the so-called Fildebrandt Rule passed this week, who'll be ruler of the United Conservative Party, and a cabinet meeting that was ruley, ruley far away.  Join host Emma Graney with guests Dave Breakenridge, Paula Simons and Graham Thomson as they take their weekly look back at all things Alberta politics. You'll also find out which Edmonton building Paula loves and Graham's MLA housing solution.  Good stuff from the gallery Dave's pick: Edmonton might be facing a rather pedestrian municipal election this year, but Calgary sure isn't. Follow the Calgary Herald's coverage here.  Paula's pick: Also on elections, this hilarious National Post read by Tristin Hopper about why animals can't run for office in Canada.   Emma's picks: Two pieces this week. First up, this heart-wrenching Macleans piece, The doctor who took on death, about assisted dying advocate Dr. Sandy Buchman. Also, this read in The Atlantic about Arizona senator Jeff Flake, and whether he's too nice for US politics.  Graham's pick:  Also in The Atlantic, this story about why Hillary Clinton's book is actually worth reading.  ** For all the Good Stuff links, head to