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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Dec 15, 2017

The fall 2017 session of the Alberta legislature wrapped up Wednesday — yet it was anything but a quiet week in provincial politics. Before MLAs all said "bye-bye" and headed home to their constituencies, Derek Fildebrandt landed in hot water over saying farewell to a white-tail deer on private land, and Premier Rachel Notley demanded Jason Nixon kiss goodbye to his position as UCP house leader over a sexual harassment case.    There was also a byelection in Calgary-Lougheed, won by UCP leader Jason Kenney.  Good stuff from the gallery Dave's pick: The excellent book Recipe for Hate by Warren Kinsella.  Paula's picks: This read in Chatelaine about the difficulties faced by Yazidi refugee women resettling in Canada, and the most recent season of The Crown.  Emma's pick: The very cool 2017 short story advent calendar. Make sure you grab the 2018 version next year. Graham's pick: This Fortune Magazine piece on the net neutrality decision and why it matters.   Subscribe to The Press Gallery wherever you podcast, including iTunes and GooglePlay.  ** Find all the Good Stuff links at