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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Mar 2, 2018

It was a bit like ye olde times in Alberta politics this week. First off, there was a third-quarter fiscal update more reminiscent of pre-recession Alberta than anything we've seen in years. Then former Edmonton mayor and former Progressive Conservative health minister Stephen Mandel won leadership of the Alberta Party.  Finally, United Conservative Party MLA Grant Hunter had his own blast from the past when he talked about the 2004 Asia tsunami — and related it to the NDP win, to the ire of many. Join host Emma Graney and guests Clare Clancy, Paula Simons and Graham Thomson to talk about all that and more.  Good stuff from the Gallery Clare's pick: This multi-media piece from the BBC about an exorcism that turned into a murder.  Paula's pick: The Netflix reboot of Queer Eye. More than just makeovers, it's a fascinating look at modern-day USA. Emma's pick: Frank Turner's two new excellent, wonderful, and awesome tunes - Be More Kind and 1933.  Graham's pick: This op-ed in the New York Post about the silliness of Trump's new trade tariffs.  Subscribe to The Press Gallery on iTunes or on Google Play or wherever you podcast. ** You can find all the good stuff links, past episodes and videos at