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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Mar 23, 2018

If you paid attention to Alberta politics at all this week, you'll be well aware about the biggest development — Budget 2018.  Join Press Gallery podcast host Emma Graney with guests Clare Clancy, Paula Simons and Keith Gerein to talk numbers and debts and deficits and a disappointing lack of surprises.  The team also takes a look at the caribou range plan put on hold this week, and some, uh, interesting comments made by Advanced Education Minister Marlin Schmidt.  Good stuff from the Gallery Clare's pick: This piece in the New York Times about Nakesha Williams, a ‘Bright Light,’ dimmed in the shadows of homelessness. Paula's pick: The inaugural Chancellor’s Forum, which discussed the Vriend decision and its impact.   Emma's pick: This very interesting read in the New York Times about a man in Ohio who is living a self-imposed media blackout.  Keith's pick: This piece about the high increase in the number of grandparents caring for kids as parents fall victim to the opioid crisis. Also, in a brief flash of self-promotion, Keith's own piece about the nastiness around the former Domtar site.   Subscribe to The Press Gallery on iTunes, Google Play or wherever you podcast.