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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Apr 6, 2018

This week was all about bills in Alberta politics, from a bill outlawing demonstrations outside abortion clinics to the real cash money bills partisans threw at their parties in 2017. Join Press Gallery host Emma Graney with guests Clare Clancy, Graham Thomson and Paula Simons to talk legislative bills and dollar bills, as well as a quick update on Premier Rachel Notley's latest travel plans.  Good stuff from the Gallery Clare's pick: Clancy has yet another outstanding podcast to recommend this week. This time it's Making Obama.  Paula's pick: The excellent political series Collateral, a British a co-production between BBC2 and Netflix. Emma's pick: This interesting read in The New Yorker about the battle between California governor Jerry Brown and president Donald Trump.  Graham's pick: This Vanity Fair piece about a recording salvaged from the doomed El Faro, a cargo ship engulfed by a hurricane.