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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

May 4, 2018

Join the Press Gallery podcast team to talk about an unusual event in Alberta politics this week, when United Conservative Party MLAs walked out of two votes on a bill that will create protest-free bubble zones around abortion clinics.  It wasn't exactly unexpected, but it was quite the sight. Host Emma Graney takes a look at the political implications of that walk out (and sings Jason Aldean's Walking Away very badly) along with podcast guests Clare Clancy, Dave Breakenridge and Graham Thomson.  The team also have a chat about the UCP founding convention happening this weekend in Red Deer and the kerfuffle caused by the appointment of Alberta's first Election Commissioner.  Good Stuff from the Gallery Clare's pick: This powerful 2014 read from the New York Times, called The Horror before the Beheadings.  Dave's pick: This excellent podcast, called Caliphate.  Emma's pick: This bizarre story out of the New York Times about a baby formula crime ring. Graham's pick: This piece in the Globe and Mail about why we need to pay attention to the killing of nine Afghan journalists.