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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jun 1, 2018

With the federal government buying up the Kinder Morgan pipeline this week, we just couldn't help but use a Kinder Surprise pun in this week's episode. We're only human. Join Press Gallery host Emma Graney with guests Keith Gerein, Paula Simons and Graham Thomson to discuss that giant development on the pipeline file this week. The team also takes a look at the deal the province signed with doctors this week and the long-awaited apology offered by Premier Rachel Notley to Sixties Scoop survivors. Good Stuff from the Gallery Keith's pick: This excellent book by Robert Harris, called Munich. Paula's pick: This Deborah Yedlin column about the history of government investment in the energy industry. Emma's pick: This piece in Maclean's by Jason Markusoff, about what it's like to be one of Alberta's few pipeline protestors. Graham's pick: This thoughtful read on why we don't use the term "liar" in politics.