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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jul 20, 2018

You can take his United Conservative caucus seat, but you'll never take Derek Fildebrandt's Freedom (Conservative Party). Join Press Gallery host Emma Graney for another week of Alberta politics analysis, including Fildebrandt's new project, the Freedom Conservative Party, and the political fallout of a provincial curriculum rewrite. Guests Janet French, Clare Clancy, Graham Thomson and Paula Simons also touch on the federal cabinet shuffle that landed Edmonton MP Amarjeet Sohi with the contentious pipeline file. Good Stuff from the Gallery Clare's pick: This amazing read about the extraordinary life of Martha Gellhorn, the woman Ernest Hemingway tried to erase. Paula's pick: This episode of 10/3, Postmedia's new national affairs podcast, in which our very own Paula Simons outlines the case of Monika Schaefer, a Canadian on trial in Germany for Holocaust denial. Emma's pick: This disturbing read from BBC about the children being shunned for witchcraft. Graham's pick: The book First Light, in which Geoffrey Wellum tells the inspiring, terrifying true story of his coming of age as an RAF pilot during World War II.