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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Sep 28, 2018

Between a press secretary shuffle and Premier Rachel Notley signing up to a teachers conference to counter an anti-pipeline message, Alberta politics this week was all about message control. If that wasn't enough messaging for you, provincial cabinet ministers will head to Ottawa to speak to senators ahead of Bill C-69 and UCP Leader Jason Kenney was unimpressed with messages about his party's fiscal plans when it comes to education. Join Press Gallery host Emma Graney with guests Paula Simons, Clare Clancy and Janet French to talk about all of that — and, bonus, briefly sing a song. Good Stuff from the Gallery Paula's picks: Fresh from vacation, Paula has gone with two recommendations this week, both stemming from the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. First off, this piece from the New York Times called Is This Good? about Christine Blasey Ford's testimony. Secondly, this read in the Washington Post with MANY all-caps paragraphs. Clare's pick: In light of the Kavanaugh hearings Thursday, Clare couldn't help but re-recommend  is re-recommending the Beyond Notorious podcast, which looks at the life and times of feminist icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Emma's pick: To counter the state of politics, Emma's recommending this great read from Pajiba, called A Brief History of Animals Elected to Public Offices. It's exactly how it sounds, and it's great. Janet's pick: Season 3 of the wonderful podcast Serial, which this season looks at the legal system in Ohio.