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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Nov 16, 2018

Gay-straight alliances in schools, UCP member John Carpay comparing the rainbow flag to the swastika, and yet another crash in oil prices — it's been a strange old week in Alberta politics. Join Press Gallery host Emma Graney with guests Clare Clancy, Dave Breakenridge and Sarah O'Donnell to take a look at the week that was, and what it all means for Alberta politics. Good Stuff from the Gallery Clare's pick: Season 3 of Life and Death Row, currently playing on Netflix, which explores the plan to execute eight death-row inmates over 11 days in Arkansas. Sarah's pick: Two things from Sarah this week. First up, an awfully depressing (but kinda cool) historical oil price slider complied by the Government of Alberta. Also, this excellent BBC explainer on where we are on Brexit. Emma's pick: This wonderful read from Edmonton Journal columnist Elise Stolte, who travelled to Lubicon Lake to talk to the community about the new land deal signed with government. Dave's pick: This hilarious episode of The Ringer podcast about the film All The President's Men.