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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Aug 21, 2015

Mike Duffy's trial is dominating Canada's media landscape, with Nigel Wright and Benjamin Perrin testimony this week fueling speculation about who knew what when. On the campaign trail, Stephen Harper looks increasingly annoyed by the repeated questions about the matter. What will it mean in Alberta? This week on The Press Gallery, Edmonton Journal’s politics podcast, city columnist Paula Simons, provincial affairs columnist Graham Thomson and provincial affairs reporter Mariam Ibrahim join host Brent Wittmeier to talk about that, plus the NDP government's cancellation of a 15-year, $3 billion lab services contract and their new public survey on climate change strategies. Good Stuff from the Gallery, a weekly segment, concludes the show. Paula’s pick: Sympathy for Stephen Harper: Andrew Coyne's irony-soaked column on the personal devastation Stephen Harper must feel given revelations emerging from the Mike Duffy trial. Graham's pick: The Summer of Uber (graphic on A12 of Friday's Journal), much of the same information available in this story. Mariam's pick: Maclean's Paul Wells analysis about the meaning of the Duffy trial, plus the belief among Conservative supporters that Harper runs a limited federal government that's far leaner and more efficient than his rivals. Brent’s pick: The Late, Great Stephen Colbert, cover story in GQ. The former Colbert Report host is taking David Letterman's coveted late night spot. On what Colbert might do, having dropped his old persona, and how he lives with gratitude despite childhood traumas.