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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jan 29, 2016

When Rachel Notley first pledge a review of Alberta's royalty system, oil was at $66 a barrel, and Albertans seemed eager and excited about a new kind of government. But this week, Notley's royalty review panel, headed by ATB president Dave Mowat, delivered its long-awaited report into a much different economy and a much different Alberta. What will the political fall-out from Friday's announcement be? In this edition of The Press Gallery, guest host Stuart Thomson asks Edmonton Journal business columnist Gary Lamphier, senior report Sheila Pratt, (provincial affair columnist Graham Thomson?) and City Columnist Paula Simons in the newsroom studio for a look at the biggest story in Alberta politics this week. As always, the discussion ends with Good Stuff from the Gallery, the panel's nominees for the some great political reading, viewing or listening.