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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Feb 19, 2016

Alberta's political scene blew up with cries of government censorship this week after a showdown between Premier Rachel Notley's office and Rebel Media, the perpetual thorn in the NDP's side, over access to legislature press conferences. The government quickly retreated from its position but not before igniting an outcry and sparking a nationwide discussion about journalism and access. The potential of uniting Alberta's right of centre political parties was in the news again, but can the Wildrose and Progressive Conservative parties ever put aside their deep differences to find some common ground. And if so, what would it take? Join columnists Paula Simons and Graham Thomson as they discuss these issues with host Mariam Ibrahim. As usual, the panel wraps up with some suggestions for Good Stuff from the Gallery. Good Stuff from the Gallery: Paula's pick: The Golden Generation by Jiayang Fan in The New Yorker Graham's pick: What is Journalism? A definition by the Canadian Association of Journalists Mariam's pick: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee