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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Apr 1, 2016

The long-awaited deadline for Alberta school boards to submit their LGBTQ guidelines to Education Minister David Eggen arrived this week. Nearly all 61 boards made a submission, making for a large stack of homework for the minister to peruse as he tries to determine how to take the next steps in this sometimes contentious process to ensure no student or teacher is discriminated against at school. Then, the panel look at the issue of gender in politics after a Journal story this week revealed that while Premier Rachel Notley's government caucus and cabinet have achieved parity, it's a much different picture when it comes to the most senior roles in the Alberta public service. And finally, Trudeaumania hit Alberta this week as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid a visit to both Calgary and Edmonton. The prime minister faced some tough questions for his government's decision to exclude the Edmonton region from extended employment insurance benefits, but he said it was just "cold, hard math," which our province's premier didn't take too kindly to. Join panellists Paula Simons, Keith Gerein and Janet French as they discuss the latest developments in Alberta politics with Press Gallery host Mariam Ibrahim. As always, the episode wraps up with Good Stuff recommendations. Good Stuff from the Gallery Keith's pick: The Life of Rob Ford, by Richard Warnica in The National Post Paula's pick: Sophie Tucker — For President Janet's pick: Respect Diversity, a rap video by Calgary filmmaker Ryan Sauvé Mariam's pick: Susan Kent's response to the rapping mom on This Hour Has 22 Minutes