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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Apr 11, 2015

Albertans learned they will head to the polls May 5th for the province’s 29th general election. The Press Gallery, Edmonton Journal’s politics podcast convened Friday -- three days into the campaign -- to talk about Progressive Conservative leader Jim Prentice’s election call, the issues at play and the performance of the new party leaders at the start of their first election at the helm of their parties. Host Sarah O’Donnell talks with provincial affairs columnist Graham Thomson, city columnist Paula Simons and legislature reporter Mariam Ibrahim in the first podcast of the election to review week one, talk about the early polls and discuss what lies ahead. The podcast wraps up with Good Stuff from the Gallery, a regular segment where the quartet suggests an item of interest, usually with a political connection, that listeners might also want to check out. Good Stuff from the Gallery links Mariam’s pick: These Are the Families Left to Reclaim Garissa’s Dead by Jina Moore Sarah’s pick: Twenty Sixteen: National Journal podcast Graham’s pick: Lincoln’s Funeral Train by Adam Goodheart Paula’s pick: The PM is Just a Girl He Used to Know by Nicholas Kohler Stories by Nicholas Kohler