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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Aug 23, 2019

Alberta's agencies, boards and commissions (ABCs for short) have undergone an overhaul by the UCP government, with 61 new appointments all at once.

Join Press Gallery host Emma Graney (who apologizes for her singing) and guests Clare Clancy and Keith Gerein to talk about what the thwack of changes means for Alberta politics.

The team also takes a look at developments on the education file around the curriculum, and a potential change to property tax laws for cannabis producers.

Good stuffy from the gallery

Clare's pick: This is one of the best podcast episodes Clare has ever heard — so you know it's good. Called 'The right to be forgotten,' by Radiolab, it takes a look at why some journalists are unpublishing stories from the internet.

Emma's pick: This excellent read from Drew Anderson at CBC Calgary, who used court documents to fully explain the allegations around Jeff Callaway's UCP leadership campaign.

Keith's pick: This fascinating piece in Esquire about a detective who only finds missing million-dollar cars.