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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

May 13, 2016

It is an all wildfire edition of The Press Gallery this week as the Edmonton Journal’s politics podcast panel convened for the first time since nearly 90,000 people fled Fort McMurray on May 3. City columnist Paula Simons, editor-in-chief Lorne Motley and Fort McMurray Today’s managing editor Olivia Condon joined the Journal’s opinion page editor Sarah O’Donnell on Day 11 of the evacuation to talk about the early days of the disaster and the reaction to the crisis. The panel also talks in this extended edition about how political leaders have handled the disaster and the hurdles that are still be to come as the city looks to rebuild and get people back home. Good Stuff from the Gallery links Sarah’s pick: “It will get better” – Slave lake survivors reach out to Fort McMurray evacuees by Dan Barnes Paula’s pick: Flatulent fainting goats escape Fort McMurray in Fort by Wallis Snowdon Olivia’s pick: Fort McMurray pet rescue/snake escape Facebook post