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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jul 15, 2016

The Press Gallery #141: The Something’s Brewing edition To mark the tragic Bastille Day attack in Nice, this week’s episode has a bit of a French theme. The accents are bad, but the debate around the latest developments in Alberta’s affaires politiques can’t be beat. Alas, no baguettes and brie, but the panel gets into the beer, both figuratively and literally, as they discuss the Alberta government’s latest move to try to protect the province’s craft breweries. Emma Graney, Paula Simons and Graham Thomson also take on former prime minister Stephen Harper’s endorsement of Jason Kenney as the next Alberta PC leader… and where that leaves Wildrose leader Brian Jean. And for all those fantasy fictions fans, tune in to learn what the Lord of the Rings and the Alberta oilsands have in common. Good stuff from the Gallery: Paula’s pick: Theresa May: Unpredictable, Moralistic and Heading to No. 10. By Gabby Hinsliff in The Guardian Graham’s pick: The Pokemon Go phenomenon, explained by a Millennial. By Lauren O’Neil. CBC News. Keith’s pick: Wildrose versus Jason Kenney in Battle over Alberta’s Political Right, by Stuart Thomson. Postmedia. Emma’s pick: Rescuing America’s Roadside Giants, by Jasmine Taylor-Coleman, BBC News