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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Sep 2, 2016

We all learned growing up that you can't always do or say what you want — a lesson that was repeated to some folks in the Alberta politics realm this week. For Opposition Leader Brian Jean, it was in the case of a self-described "joke" about the laws against beating Premier Rachel Notley. For Jason Kenney, who is attempting to win the Progressive Conservative leadership, it was in the form of some new rules being pushed through by the party over the weekend. And two Alberta schools might end up taking a financial hit after declaring they would not obey rules around Gay Straight Alliances. Join host Emma Graney with guests Sarah O'Donnell, the Edmonton Journal's opinion page editor, legislative columnist Graham Thomson, city columnist Paula Simons and education reporter Janet French as they chat about the week in Alberta politics. Good stuff from the gallery Sarah's pick: An article by Nancy Peckford with advice for male politicians and a Globe and Mail editorial about whether Canada should join China’s new bank. Graham's pick: An article from The Atlantic called How American politics went insane. Emma's pick: New York Times look at why rural Americans are more likely to end up in jail than their urban counterparts. Paula's pick: A write-up on Donald Trump called When this is over you will have nothing you want.