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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Oct 28, 2016

The Press Gallery #156: The Getting Schooled edition Forget ghosts and goblins, the real scare this week came from a showdown between Alberta Education and a private, home-schooling association accused of misusing public dollars. While some critics say the NDP acted too harshly when it pulled the group’s funding and accreditation, others suggest the private school sector is long overdue for this kind of scrutiny. If that controversy isn’t sufficient to cause a tremble, the state of Edmonton’s dilapidated hospitals returned to the headlines this week, as did some developments in Alberta’s opioid crisis. And Wildrose party members are gathering in Red Deer amid calls to unite Alberta’s political right. How will their policy decisions affect efforts to merge with the Progressive Conservatives? Our panel of experts weighs in on these and other eerie issues as MLAs gear up for the fall sitting of the legislature. Good stuff from the Gallery: Paula’s pick: How a Worm Gave the South a Bad Name, by Rachel Nuwer, on the Nova Next website (PBS). Sarah’s pick: The Lonely Life of a Republican Woman. By S.E. Cupp. New York Times. Keith’s picks: The Road Trip that Changed Hillary Clinton’s Life. By Amy Chozick. New York Times. How Hillary Became “Hillary.” By Robert Draper. The New York Times Magazine. Emma’s pick: The Donald Trump Insult Generator. By Chris Wilson and Samuel P. Jacobs. Time Magazine website.