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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Nov 11, 2016

On the same day that the U.S. failed to elect its first female president, the only two women running for leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative party withdrew from the race, one of them citing harassment. Join host, legislative reporter Emma Graney, along with columnists Graham Thomson and Paula Simons, and opinion page editor Sarah O'Donnell, as they talk about the effect that might have on women in politics. The team also discuss a scathing report by the auditor general about Alberta's Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) program. Good stuff from the gallery Sarah's pick: Postmedia reporter Elise Stolte's hard-won maps of Edmonton's flood zones. Paula's pick: The Crown, a new miniseries on Netflix about the life of Queen Elizabeth. Emma's pick: Washington Post piece by Eli Saslow called The white flight of Derek Black, about one young man who was following in his father’s footsteps as a white nationalist leader until he began to question the movement’s ideology. Graham's pick: From the Globe and Mail, John Doyle's look at television programming on Remembrance Day.