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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Sep 9, 2017

In our latest episode of the Press Gallery podcast, our pundits pontificate pointedly on the future of pupils plus politics, a poll with a proviso, and a paused pipeline. Join guest host Janet French — who is not-at-all sorry about all those Ps in the last sentence — with guests Clare Clancy, Paula Simons and Dave Breakenridge to discuss what Premier Rachel Notley said at a St. Albert school that set off her political foes, and what a stalled Energy East pipeline to New Brunswick would mean for Alberta. Paula has also laid her hands on some intriguing membership sales numbers from the United Conservative Party, which give us a glimpse down the pipe at what a UCP government might look like, if it were elected in 2019. Good stuff from the gallery Dave’s pick: Rarely happy to choose one thing, Dave recommends a Chicago Magazine article about a sociologist who spent 18 months with a street gang, and a frank and sorrowful look at the life and opioid-overdose death of a young Edmonton man by Journal columnist David Staples. Clare’s pick: Fresh from behind the bars at San Quentin State Prison, the Ear Hustle podcast is a funny and honest glimpse into the lives of people living in the U.S. prison system. The latest episode is The Boom Boom Room, which is about conjugal visits. Paula's pick: A shout out to the persistence of our Journal colleague and civic affairs reporter extraordinaire Elise Stolte, who nudged and prodded city hall administrators until they released data on how the Valley Line LRT will affect vehicle traffic in southeast Edmonton. Janet’s pick: This Post Script Magazine piece about the political forces shaping African women's access to birth control. Thanks to assistant managing editor Sarah O'Donnell for editing this week's episode.