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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jan 10, 2014

Press Gallery panelists were amped up this week, with plenty to say about Alberta Health’s influenza vaccine balancing act and the stunning numbers released by Human Services minister Manmeet Bhullar that show 741 children known to child welfare authorities have died since 1999. Columnist Paula Simons, health reporter Keith Gerein and provincial affairs reporter Karen Kleiss join host Sarah O’Donnell for a slightly extended length podcast talking about flu (45-second-mark), the future of Alberta’s child welfare system and the power of data (12 minute-mark). The show ends with Good Stuff from the Gallery (24:50 mark), a selection of recommended reads from the panelists. GOOD STUFF LINKS Keith’s pick The Year We Broke the Internet by Luke O’Neil Sarah’s pick Documents from New Jersey’s commuting disaster turned political debacle Bergen Record coverage’s of bridge scandal engulfing Gov. Chris Christie’s office Paula’s pick Uncool Canada by The Economist