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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Feb 7, 2014

A December trip to attend South African leader Nelson Mandela's funeral has become a political liability for Alberta Premier Alison Redford. Press Gallery host Sarah O’Donnell talks with her Journal colleagues Graham Thomson, Paula Simons and Mariam Ibrahim about the controversy and why the $45,000 expense is causing an uproar. Then, the group talks about the province’s new salary sunshine list and why it is still contentious a week after it was published. Good Stuff from the Gallery recommendations run from the funny to the serious. Useful links Ignorance is no excuse for wasting taxpayers’ money Edmonton Journal’s searchable sunshine list database Good Stuff from the Gallery Mariam’s pick Syria, Iraq, Egypt most deadly nations for journalists: Committee to Protect Journalists special report Sarah’s pick Crazy Town: The Rob Ford story excerpt by Robyn Doolittle Paula’s pick City of Edmonton to change slogan from ‘Gateway to the North’ to ‘Portal of the Universe’ by CBC’s This is That Graham’s Pick Why things are seen: A Story of Blunders, Bombs, Broken Teeth and Bad Ideas by Adam Day