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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Mar 28, 2014

One week after Alison Redford’s abrupt resignation as premier, The Press Gallery takes stock of how the ground is shifting in Alberta politics. Host Sarah O’Donnell talked with provincial affairs reporter Mariam Ibrahim, provincial affairs columnist Graham Thomson and columnist Paula Simons on Thursday about the ground rules for the Progressive Conservative leadership race, who might be interested in the job permanently, and what the first few days of Premier Dave Hancock’s temporary reign was like. The Press Gallery sifts through some of the potential PC contenders and argues over how much unaffiliated Albertans should care about the leadership race of one political party. There’s Good Stuff from the Gallery and a listener challenge with a musical twist. The Press Gallery Playlist challenge: Listeners, all this talk about leadership races and potential early elections got us thinking: If you were running for office (for any party, at any level), what would you pick as your theme song? We’ll compile those suggestions into a Press Gallery playlist to share with listeners. Already run for office? Tell us what campaign song you used. Tell Sarah on Twitter at @scodonnell or comment on the Facebook page: Good Stuff from the Gallery Paula’s pick: With friends like Harper: How Nigel Wright went from golden boy to fall guy by Kelly Pullen Mariam’s pick: Coming clean over Canada’s residential schools by Brent Wittmeier Edmonton Journal’s complete Truth & Reconciliation Commission coverage Truth & Reconciliation Commission site Graham’s pick: Razing Arizona by Christopher Ketcham Sarah’s Pick: Yeggie nominees in Best in Political/Current Affairs Scott McKeen’s blog Radical Citizen Media David Climenhaga’s Alberta Diary Colby Cosh Gig City