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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Apr 4, 2014

Provincial affairs columnist Graham Thomson, columnist Paula Simons and senior reporter Sheila Pratt join The Press Gallery’s host Sarah O’Donnell this week to talk about the issues that have raised a stink in Alberta politics over the last seven days. The show starts with a briefing on the Alberta Energy Regulator’s tough report into oil sands emissions in the Peace River area. The group then talks about the optics and mysteries of the Federal Building’s now defunct penthouse plans, and picks through the news about the most recent provincial campaign contributions reports. The Press Gallery Playlist challenge: Listeners, we need your musical suggestions to help build a Press Gallery playlist. We’re looking for the song that you would use for your personal fictional election campaign’s theme song. If you have already spent time in the political arena, tell us what song you used. Just make sure it’s a song you would use for yourself. We’ll compile those suggestions into a Press Gallery playlist to share with listeners. Add your pick on Good Stuff from the Gallery Graham’s pick: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s summary report from Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability Sheila’s pick: Alberta Energy Regulator’s Report of Recommendations on Odours and Emissions in the Peace River Area Paula’s pick: Why do Affluent, Well-Educated People Refuse Vaccines by Whet Moser