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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Apr 25, 2014

Just how free is information in Alberta? And how much political interference is there in freedom of information requests? There have been plenty of questions on that subject at the Legislature as opposition parties grilled the PC government and minister Thomas Lukaszuk about a memo he wrote as deputy premier about a new policy to track the release of FOIP requests. Provincial affairs columnist Graham Thomson, columnist Paula Simons and legislature reporter Karen Kleiss join host Sarah O’Donnell to debate how the Alberta government is handling FOIP request. Are lines being blurred that should be clear? The panel also talks about changes to child welfare laws introduced by the Human Services minister this week, which can be traced back to a freedom of information request and touches briefly on the pension legislation working its way through the Legislature. Good Stuff from The Gallery caps the show. GOOD STUFF FROM THE GALLERY LINKS Graham’s pick Crossing Christie: What the bridge scandal says about the Governor’s political style, and his future by Ryan Lizza Sarah’s pick Can Coal Ever Be Clean? By Michelle Nijhuis Paula’s pick Blinded by Scientific Gobbledygook: How fake journals are scamming the science community by Tom Spears Karen’s pick Dying for a Drink from CBC