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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

May 2, 2014

Alberta NDP leader Brian Mason announced he will hand over the wheel of his party’s leadership in October, just as word came that former federal cabinet minister Jim Prentice will enter the race already underway to lead the Progressive Conservatives. As if that wasn’t enough, Premier Dave Hancock announced the government has struck a deal with the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees – something that from all outward appearances seemed to be impossible just days earlier. There are plenty of stops on The Press Gallery this week with host Sarah O’Donnell, columnist Paula Simons, provincial affairs reporter Mariam Ibrahim and legislature columnist Graham Thomson. GOOD STUFF FROM THE GALLERY links Graham & Sarah’s pick: Report into the Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction in Canada by expert panel of the Council of Canadian Academies Paula’s pick: Jim’ll Fix it by Colby Cosh Mariam’s pick: Fifth Annual Review of Free Expression in Canada by Canadian Journalists for Free Expression