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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

May 16, 2014

After two months of lead-up, the Progressive Conservative party’s leadership race officially started on Thursday, when a pair of candidates – Jim Prentice and Ric McIver – picked up their nomination papers in Calgary and put down the first $20,000 deposit needed to enter that race. But in the days leading up to nomination day, there was as much talk about what was taking place behind the scenes as in the public eye. This week, The Press Gallery host Sarah O’Donnell, senior report Sheila Pratt, columnist Paula Simons and provincial affairs reporter Mariam Ibrahim talk about the accusations that unknown people from within the Prentice camp were putting pressure on other candidates to stay out of the race. What kind of impression does this leave us with? And how did Wildrose leader Danielle Smith manage to get entangled in the controversy? The panel also gets a brief update on the NDP leadership race and move from politics to policy in Good Stuff from the Gallery. Good Stuff from the Gallery links Sheila’s pick: The Final Report of the Research on Avian Protection Project Paula’s pick: Hark! A Vagrant: Ducks by Kate Beaton Sarah’s pick Firestorm a multimedia project by the Guardian Mariam’s pick The Snowden Saga: A Shadowland of Secrets and Light by Suzanna Andrews, Bryan Burrough and Sarah Ellison