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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jun 6, 2014

A recent poll says Edmonton isn’t feeling the love for any of the Progressive Conservative leadership candidates. This week podcast host Sarah O’Donnell talks with columnist Paula Simons, health reporter Keith Gerein and senior reporter Sheila Pratt about why Edmontonians are playing hard to get. The panel also weighs in on the controversy over plans to close Red Deer’s Michener Centre for developmentally disabled adults and the $1.3 million in fines levied this week against a major pipeline company after two significant oil spills. There’s Good Stuff from the Gallery at the end of the show. Good Stuff from the Gallery links Keith’s pick: Review of Alberta Health Services’ Continuing Care Wait List: First Available Appropriate Living Option policy by the Health Quality Council of Alberta Review of Quality Assurance in Continuing Care Health Services in Alberta by the Health Quality Council of Alberta Sarah’s pick: An Analysis of the Issues, Challenges & Current Realities Facing First Nations Students in Alberta by Morris Manyfingers Sheila’s pick We need an apartheid-style boycott to save the planet by Desmond Tutu For Canada, a strong economy and healthy environment can co-exist by Christopher Ragan (subscription) Paula’s pick: Peter MacKay’s prostitution law a failure on all counts by John Ivison Dearer for johns from The Economist