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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jul 11, 2014

The Press Gallery careens into a debate over Alberta’s new licence plate and ends up heading in some surprising directions. Is the great plate debate timed to distract us from the auditor general’s report? Is Wild Rose Country a slogan from the past worth dropping? Are there legitimate reasons to change the plates? And should we even be talking about the licence plate poll? Then, host Sarah O’Donnell leads provincial affairs reporter Karen Kleiss, politics columnist Graham Thomson and columnist Paula Simons into the meat of the auditor general’s report and discovers panelists have plenty to say about Merwan Saher’s take on climate change, government accountability, and surprisingly, gravel. Useful links: Alberta government’s licence plate survey Edmonton Journal’s Create-A-Plate by Lucas Timmons Good Stuff from the Gallery links Paula’s pick: Germany asks top U.S. intelligence official to leave country over spy row by Philip Oltermann & Spencer Ackerman Karen’s pick: ‘No evidence’ province monitored results of climate change strategy: auditor general by Mariam Ibrahim The Auditor General’s report: A digest by Karen Kleiss Sarah’s pick: Alberta won’t be ‘bullied,’ Horner vows by Amanda Stephenson Alberta, Quebec, shun national regulator by Josh Wingrove Graham’s pick: Promises, promises: Can Obama redeem his environmental failures? By Mark Hertsgaard The Alberta Auditor General’s July 2014 report