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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Jul 18, 2014

From Legal Aid to first aid for Alberta’s hospitals, from sex ed to senate reform, this week’s Press Gallery is a smoking hot episode talking about some of the big issues in Alberta politics this week. Health reporter Keith Gerein, provincial affairs reporter Mariam Ibrahim and columnist Paula Simons join podcast host Sarah O’Donnell to talk about the crisis in Legal Aid and why opposition MLAs worry about a backlog of hospital repairs creating a crisis of its own. Good Stuff from the Gallery wraps up the show and includes a great listener suggestion. Good Stuff from the Gallery Reader’s pick from Amanda Wakaruk: The Internet’s Own Boy, a documentary by Brian Knappenberger Paula’s pick: Sex Education in India by EastIndia Comedy Sarah’s pick: Loss of Snowpack & Glaciers in Rockies Causes Threat by Ed Struzik Mariam’s pick: Why We Can’t Just Ignore the Senate and Hope it Goes Away by Emmett Macfarlane Brazen Populism Can’t Kill the Senate by Nick Taylor-Vaisey