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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Aug 22, 2014

Is it time for term limits in Alberta politics? This week on The Press Gallery podcast, the panel weighs in on Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Jim Prentice’s plan to legislate term limits on Alberta politicians. Host Sarah O’Donnell talks with provincial affairs reporter Mariam Ibrahim, content editor Kathy Kerr and city editor Mark Iype about why a politician would want to propose capping people’s time in elected office and whether this is the kind of accountability Albertans are looking for. The panel also looks at the latest chapter of the provincial aircraft controversy, which included apologies from Premier Dave Hancock this week and the changes announced jointly with Finance minister Doug Horner about how the provincial fleet of aircraft will be used. Good Stuff from the Gallery concludes the show. USEFUL LINKS: Jim Prentice Thursday speech on accountability and term limits News release on government plans to implement Auditor General recommendations on aircraft GOOD STUFF FROM THE GALLERY LINKS Mariam’s pick: In Sierra Leone, an exhausting struggle to contain Ebola by Jennifer Yang How Sierra Leone is screening travelers for Ebola by Jennifer Yang Sarah’s pick: Generation Kill, an HBO mini-series (originally aired in 2008) Generation Kill by Evan Wright Kathy’s pick: Lawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East by Scott Anderson Who was T.E. Lawrence: Book Review by Alex Von Tunzelman Mark’s pick: John Baird’s tweets under investigation after language complaint by Robert Bostelaar John Baird’s Twitter account prompts scrutiny of language commissioner by Jennifer Ditchburn Should a Minister’s social media account be considered personal? CBC Blog