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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Oct 10, 2014

Premier Jim Prentice was singing a tune many families in fast-growing suburban communities across Alberta will be keen to hear, promising this week his government will, by 2020, build an additional 55 new schools and fund major renovations at another 20. The Press Gallery’s host Sarah O’Donnell sits down this week with provincial affairs reporter Mariam Ibrahim and columnist Graham Thomson to talk about that major infrastructure pledge, which comes in the midst of four by-elections and is in addition to an existing promise of 50 schools and 70 major rennovations announced previously by former premier Alison Redford. The Journal’s weekly politics podcast also digs into the latest series of reports from Alberta’s auditor general, which examined the province’s record on environmental monitoring in the oil sands, its contracting practices and the state of inspections at long-term care facilities. There’s also brief talk about why the mayors of Alberta’s two biggest cities met with the premier this week. Good Stuff from the Gallery links Mariam’s pick: Newspapers prefer lesbians by David Ingold Sarah’s pick: Local people with their arms crossed The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra from This Amerian Life Inside the New York Fed: Secret Recordings and a Culture Class by Jake Berstein Graham’s pick: How Gang’s Took Over Prisons by Graeme Wood