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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Oct 17, 2014

Should Albertans be worried as Premier Jim Prentice preaches messages of “prudence” and “caution” as the world oil prices slide? That’s one of the questions up for debate in this week as The Press Gallery convenes with provincial affairs columnist Graham Thomson, legislature reporter Karen Kleiss, city columnist Paula Simons and host Sarah O’Donnell to talk about three meaty subjects. In addition to the latest warnings tied to oil revenue, the Journal’s weekly politics podcast looks at the plans announced by Alberta’s premier and health minister to help deal with the logjam in Alberta hospitals and the shortage of long-term care beds. And the show starts with a discussion about Alberta’s New Democrats, who are the eve of electing a new leader to replace Brian Mason after a low-key, five-month campaign. The group looks at the contest between Rachel Notley, David Eggen and Rod Loyola, and makes some predictions. Good Stuff from the Gallery links Paula’s pick: Is Justin Trudeau the candidate Canadian women have been waiting for? By Carol Toller Sarah’s pick: The Trouble with Antibiotics from Frontline Karen’s pick: Keystone be darned: Canada finds a route around Obama by Rebecca Penty, Hugo Miller, Andrew Mayeda and Edward Greenspon Graham’s pick: Tales of the Trash: A neighbourhood garbage man explains modern Egypt by Peter Hessler