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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Oct 31, 2014

After the Progressive Conservatives scored wins in all four of the week’s big city byelections, The Press Gallery convenes to look at the tricks and treats from the campaign. Is it safe to say that Premier Jim Prentice successfully purged the Progressive Conservatives of the ghost of former premier Alison Redford? Will other political parties by haunted by the results? How scary will it be for Danielle Smith to go to a leadership review at the next Wildrose Party annual general meeting? This week, provincial affairs columnist Graham Thomson, city columnist Paula Simons and senior reporter Sheila Pratt join podcast host Sarah O’Donnell to talk about Alberta’s political landscape post-byelections. That includes a look at the many announcements by Prentice in the days after the byelections. Good Stuff from the Gallery links Graham’s pick: Pets Allowed - Why Are So Many Animals Allowed Where they Shouldn’t Be? by Patricia Marx Sheila’s pick: Who by Fire by Fred Stenson Sarah’s pick: Planet Money’s Episode #577: The Kansas Experiment Paula’s pick: Irresponsible Government by Brent Rathgeber Excerpt from The National Post: