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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Nov 14, 2014

Alberta’s biggest political parties are gathering for their annual conventions this weekend just before the Legislature prepares to go back into session on Monday. The Press Gallery’s host Sarah O’Donnell talks with city columnist Paula Simons and senior political reporter Sheila Pratt about the Progressive Conservative and Wildrose annual general meetings underway on Friday and what Albertans might see from those events. Then the trio looks ahead to Monday, when Premier Jim Prentice and his revamped cabinet will take their seats in the Legislature for the first time since the PC leadership changed hands. Has Prentice’s Smokey the Bear routine put out enough fires for the PCs to change the dynamic in the Legislature? And how will Wildrose tactics change with Prentice fielding the questions? But the show begins with a conversation about the sharp message Alberta’s Chief Justice delivered to the provincial government in recent days about the way it treats environmental activists and property owners. GOOD STUFF FROM THE GALLERY Sarah’s pick: HBO’s The Newsroom Paula’s pick: Faces of Edmonton Facebook page Faces of Edmonton Tumblr