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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Nov 21, 2014

The Legislature is back in session this week and Premier Jim Prentice and the PCs are working to convince Albertans they are singing a different tune than just a few months earlier. City columnist Paula Simons and provincial affairs reporter Mariam Ibrahim sat down in the Journal studio with The Press Gallery’s host Sarah O’Donnell on Thursday to talk about the throne speech, the performance of the party leaders – new and old – in the opening week and what’s at stake for each of the parties. The weekly political affairs podcast also talks about the fallout from the Wildrose Party’s annual general meeting and how the party’s MLAs might be able to correct the missteps. The show concludes with Good Stuff from the Gallery, a weekly segment where the panelists recommend a story, item or issue with a political connection they think others might enjoy or find interesting. Good Stuff from the Gallery links Sarah’s picks: New York Times’ Keystone TK by Dylan Byers Oops! New York Times Accidentally Publishes Unedited Keystone Story by Dylan Scott Mariam’s pick: Armed & Dangerous: How Mission Creep is Turning Our Cops into Warriors by John Lorinc Paula’s picks: Sexist French Uber Promotion Pairs Riders with “Hot Chick” Drivers by Charlie Warzel Uber Executive Suggests Digging Up Dirt on Journalists by Ben Smith The horrific trickle down of A*&%#* culture: Why I’ve just deleted Uber from my phone by Sarah Lacy The moment I learned just how far Uber will go to silence journalists and attack women by Sarah Lacy Uber exec takes ugly aim at one of its biggest critics by Mark Rogowsky Whose problem is the city solving by banning Uber? By Edward Keenan