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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Nov 28, 2014

Is Alberta still Wild Rose Country? That’s the big question up for debate on The Press Gallery this week, as podcast host Sarah O’Donnell talks with three newsroom colleagues about the abrupt defections by MLAs Kerry Towle and Ian Donovan from the Wildrose party to the Progressive Conservatives. Provincial affairs reporter Mariam Ibrahim, legislature columnist Graham Thomson and city columnist Paula Simons look at how the floor crossing unfolded and what it says about the state of the Wildrose party and the Progressive Conservatives. Is the official opposition officially in trouble? The Journal’s politics podcast, recorded on Thursday morning, also hears an update on the state of the province’s finances, as reported at the end of the second quarter. The podcast also explores the controversy over gay-straight alliances, parental rights and school board autonomy. Premier Jim Prentice announced after the podcast recorded that the PCs will present a bill next week on this issue to counter a private member’s bill from Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman. Good Stuff from the Gallery links Graham’s pick: Alberta Finance’s 2014-15 Second Quarter Fiscal Update Paula’s pick: Mary-Ann Kirkby on the Secrets of a Hutterite Kitchen Polka Dot Press’ link to Secrets of a Hutterite Kitchen Sarah’s pick: Slate’s Political Gabfest: The “Is Thanksgiving Red or Blue?” edition Mariam’s pick: Meet the Guys Who Want to Launch a Catalogue of Canadian Police Abuses by Tyler Dawson