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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Dec 5, 2014

Premier Jim Prentice pulled the Progressive Conservative’s controversial Bill #10 off the table, at least temporarily, late Thursday afternoon. What a difference a few hours makes. When The Press Gallery, Edmonton Journal’s weekly politics podcast, convened Thursday morning, it seemed the government would insist on pushing a hastily drafted bill that encouraged school boards to allow gay-straights alliances on school property, but would also give all boards the right to ban them. Host Sarah O’Donnell talked with provincial politics columnist Graham Thomson, city columnist Paula Simons and health reporter Keith Gerein talk about how a private member’s bill ignited a full-blown equality rights firestorm. The show starts by diving into Condition: Critical, an in-depth Journal investigation into the physical state of Alberta hospitals. Spoiler: The prognosis isn’t good. Good Stuff from the Gallery links Graham’s pick: Edmonton Journal’s Condition: Critical series Keith’s pick: All the truth is out by Matt Bai Sarah’s pick: A search for justice in the Eric Garner Case by the New York Times editorial board It wasn’t just the chokehold by the New York Times editorial board Paula’s pick: Radiance of Tomorrow: Ishmael Beah’s first novel subverts Western voyeurism of conflict in Sierra Leone Ishmael Beah on life after being a child soldier Radiance of Tomorrow: A Novel by Ismael Beah