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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Feb 21, 2015

Is Alberta about to go retro and re-introduce a system of health care premiums to help cover ever-growing costs? Finance minister Robin Campbell raised the possibility this week, though Premier Jim Prentice downplayed the idea. Journal Provincial affairs columnist Graham Thomson, city columnist Paula Simons and health reporter Keith Gerein join assignment editor Sarah O’Donnell in this week’s edition of The Press Gallery, Edmonton Journal’s weekly provincial politics podcast, to discuss this latest health care trial balloon. The panel also talks about the government’s decision to close three of Alberta’s international trade offices and follow up on a legislative committee’s controversial budget action. Good Stuff from the Gallery Keith’s pick: My Own Life by Oliver Sacks Sarah’s pick: Democracy a figment of our imaginations by Graham Thomson City councillor Amarjeet Sohi recalls his imprisonment in India in the 1980s Paula’s pick: Alberta plans document dump of freedom of information requests by Jennie Russell, Charles Rusnell FOIP changes imminent, internal government documents show by Jennie Russell, Charles Rusnell