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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Feb 28, 2015

It’s hard to predict the future in Alberta, where warnings of a budget deficit turn in a span of weeks into the promise of budget surplus. The Press Gallery, the Journal’s weekly politics podcast, looks at the week’s surprisingly good news third quarter financial update and the warnings from Alberta Finance minister Robin Campbell about tough times still to come. Provincial affairs reporters Karen Kleiss and Mariam Ibrahim joined host Sarah O’Donnell and city columnist Paula Simons to talk about the dramatic swings in the budget forecast. They also looked at the Wildrose party’s leadership race, which suddenly accelerated, and became vastly more interesting this week, as former federal Conservative MP Brian Jean, former Strathcona County Mayor Linda Osinchuk and Cypress-Medicine Hat MLA Drew Barnes entered the contest. Good Stuff from the Gallery wraps up the show. Good Stuff from the Gallery links Mariam’s pick: Quebec judge wouldn’t hear case of woman wearing hijab by Steve Rukavina Paula’s pick: House of Cards from the BBC Sarah’s picks: 54 years later, South Carolina court clears ‘Friendship Nine’ by Richard Fausset Friendship Nine paved way for Rock Hill’s black police, judges by Andrew Dys Judge proud of role exonerating Friendship Nine in Rock Hill by David Perlmutt