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The Press Gallery: Inside Alberta politics

Mar 14, 2015

Premier Jim Prentice and the Progressive Conservative majority returned to the legislature with a changed attitude toward the rules around Gay-Straight Alliances in Alberta schools. The Press Gallery, Edmonton Journal’s weekly politics podcast, starts the episode by looking at the dramatic turnaround that saw Education Minister Gordon Dirks amend the controversial Bill 10 so that all students, no matter the school district, are entitled to start the friendship and support groups on school property. Podcast host Sarah O’Donnell talks with provincial affairs reporters Mariam Ibrahim and Karen Kleiss, and city columnist Paula Simons, about that remarkable change of heart. The quartet also discuss some of the issues raised by the Alberta auditor general in his latest round of reports, including serious attendance problems in the Northland school division and questions about how the province inspects dams. The provincial politics observers also comment on a host of other highlights from a busy political week.